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Virtual Interns  Why intern abroad?
There are too many reasons to count, but here are a few of the most important:
  • Acquire foreign language skills 
  • Tailor your experience to your goals
  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market
  • Earn credit toward your degree
  • Increase your cultural awareness
  • Grow your career network

What are my options?
  • Study + Internship Abroad: During the academic year or the summar, take classes plus a 10-20 hour per week internship for credit
  • Full time internship: Work 40 hours per week at your internship placement
  • Virtual Global Internship: a new remote learning option that will work around your class schedule and conform to US time zones. 

 Who can intern abroad?
  • Students who have completed at least 1 year of college
  • Motivated and self-driven individuals
  • Responsible with time management
  • Strong communication skills
  • Open-minded towards different cultural norms
Choose from among the different
programs across the world
that include full-time or part-time internship opportunities.
Find a number of scholarships, stipends and fundraising tools to ensure you can achieve your dreams and make your internship affordable. Make the most of your internship by being prepared before you go.