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I'm home, now what?


10 Ways to Remain Global at Home

1. Befriend an international student 

Now that you’ve studied or interned abroad, you know what it’s like to be an international student. Now’s your chance to be a friend to someone going through the same thing. Here are some simple ways you can make a big impact:
  • Start with the International Student Office on your home campus. Ask for ways to get connected with students or about events that you can come to.
  • Become a language partner ACE Language Institute at Seattle Pacific University can match you with an international student.
  • Invite an international student to spend the holidays with you
  • Offer to take them grocery shopping or help them learn how to navigate public transportation
  • Host an exchange student
2. Volunteer with the local refugee community
3. Make a reading list that transverses the globe: Global Reads by Region
4. Explore your own city like it was a foreign destination
  •  Visit cultural districts like Little Italy, China Town, or the Asian District
  • Go to museums and learn about the founding and history of your city
5. Check out Meet Up for international themed events
6. Borrow an ethnic cookbook from the local library
7. Empower kids to see the world 
  • Do a presentation on your time abroad for a local elementary school
  • Advocate for increasing global awareness/education and foreign language learning in local schools
  • When you have kids of your own, travel with them! (10 Ten Tips for Raising a Global Child)
8. Listen to a Ted Talk from scholars around the globe
9. Stay current on world events 
  • Subscribe to world news articles and smart phone apps
  • Follow the elections of your previous host country
10. Host a foreign film night

Ways to Go Abroad Again

1. Teach Abroad

Teaching English abroad can be an affordable way to live abroad again after graduation, and there are dozens of organizations for these kinds of programs! Check out these highlighted programs below to get started!
  • API is pleased to announce that we have launched a new Teach in Italy program! Participants will teach 15 hours a week in a middle school in northern Italy in exchange for reduced room and board with a local Italian host family. This is a great opportunity to live in Europe for 3 months and enjoy both cultural and linguistic exchange in a fully immersive environment. This program is open to any current college student or graduate who is 20-30 years old, and offers a budget-friendly way for study abroad alumni, non-traditional students, or cost-conscious travelers to enrich their personal lives while gaining professional experience abroad. For more information and for all of API's Teach Abroad locations, please contact API.
  • JET Program: The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program for US citizens
2. Volunteer Abroad
3. Work Abroad