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Meet the Staff

Full time Staff: 

Gail DeBell
Study Abroad Director
  • Countries visited:  60
  • Favorite Gelato:  Cannella
  • Favorite Destination:  Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Favorite thing about working in SA: Study abroad combines so many of my passions and interests. Seeing students experience the excitement and anticipation of going abroad, and returning with confidence is beyond gratifying! 
  • Years working in study abroad:  9

Karen Eisenhut
Study Abroad Assistant Director/Advisor
  • Countries visited:  24
  • Favorite Gelato:  Stracciatella
  • Favorite Destination:  Hillerød, Denmark 
  • Favorite thing about working in SA: Helping students make their dreams into a reality! There are so many possibilities in study abroad and It is so rewarding to be part of such a transformative experience.
  • Years working in study abroad:  6.5

Global Ambassadors:
Global Ambassadors are students that have studied abroad and are now back on campus and passionate about sharing their experience!  Have Questions?  You can email or any of the individuals below:

Celene Haque
Political Science & International Relations Major
Communications & Francophone Studies Minor
University of Kent Fall 2016, SPU European Quarter Spring 2016

Travel Tip: Walk everywhere! If you are walking then you can go down little alleys, visit shops, get lost, and have time to really see a city. It's also the easiest way to meet people, and really engage in a new culture. 

Deanna Hines

Deanna Hines
Global Development & French and Francophone Studies Major
Geopolitics Minor
USAC Lyon, France Spring Semester 2016

Travel Tip: Embrace the feeling of living outside your comfort zone and be flexible – it will make the experience that much more authentic and enjoyable. 

Sarah White

Sarah White 
Interior Design Major
SAIPrograms University of London at Chelsea College of the Arts, United Kingdom Spring Semester 2017

Travel Tip: Do not stress when preparing to study abroad. You may feel overwhelmed trying to get everything together before you leave but there are always people to answer questions and help prepare you for a successful time abroad.

Hanna Amsden
Hanna Amsden
Sociology Major
USAC Prague, Czech Republic Spring Semester 2017

Travel Tip: One of the most important things to remember when you travel is to be adaptable. When you travel there are always going to be things that come up that you cannot anticipate. As long as you are flexible and remember the big picture, these things will seem like small details and won't ruin your time. 

Carson Coates
Political Science & Russian Studies Major
AIFS St. Petersburg, Russia Fall Semester 2016
CIEE Moscow, Russia Spring Semester 2017

Travel Tip: Live in your new society as a respectful participatory member not as a tourist. Stay in cheap hostels, go to local restaurants not catered towards tourists, and imitate those around you. 

Emily HansumEmily Hansum
Linguistics and Cultural Studies Major
ISA Barranquilla, Colombia Spring Semester 2017

Travel Tip: Research ahead of time places to stay, restaurants, prices, and tourist destinations, but don't be afraid to step into a unknown restaurant by the beach or ask locals where the best place to stay is.

Aliha Aliha Strange
English Literature Major
Centro Fray Luis de Leon in Salamanca, Spain Summer 2016

Travel Tip: I was given one piece of advice from someone who had previously been on a pilgrimage in Spain. He said I would be more inclined to stick with my American friends because it was comfortable, but I would come back to the U.S. feeling like I missed out if I did not also spend time independently and with the locals. I think the whole point of traveling is to do something a just little out of your comfort zone!?

KennaKenna Cardin
Food and Nutritional Sciences Major
SPU Faculty-led: Florence Food Sustainability Global Seminar Fall 2016

Kaitlyn PaytonKaitlyn Payton
International Business and Economics Major
CEA Internship in London, England Summer 2017

Travel Tip: Try something new everyday, do something that scares you, step out of your comfort zone and live in the moment. Your time abroad will fly by, but it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!