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SPU Partner Programs

SPU's Partner Programs allow 50 students per year to choose from a wide selection of semester-length programs affiliated with organizations or foreign universities. Students will pay SPU tuition plus an applicable fee depending on the program type and location. Students attending Partner Programs are eligible to receive SPU grants, scholarships, and state and federal aid.

For program-specific information, click on a location:   

SPU Partner Programs 

Tier 1:  SPU Tuition

Canterbury, England:  University of Kent
Chengdu, China:  Southwest University for Nationalities
Chiang Mai, Thailand:  Chiang Mai University
Heredia, Costa Rica:  Universidad de Costa Rica
Limerick, Ireland:  University of Limerick
Oslo, Norway:  University of Oslo
Pau, France:  University of Pau
Reggio Emilia, Italy:  University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Tier 2:  SPU Tuition + $1,000

Bilbao, Spain:  University of the Basque Country
Verona, Italy:  IUSVE University (Salesian University Institute of Venice)

Tier 3: SPU Tuition + $2,000

London, England:  University of Roehampton

Tier 4:  SPU Tuition + $3,000

Barcelona, Spain:  Barcelona School for International Studies
Glasgow, Scotland:  University of Glasgow
Granada, Spain:  Universidad de Granada
Mukono, Uganda:  Uganda Christian University
San Jose, Costa Rica: Latin American Studies Program

Tier 5:  SPU Tuition + $4,000

Quito, Ecuador:  Living & Learning International
St. Petersburg, Russia: Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University 
Seville, Spain:  Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo

Tier 6:  SPU Tuition + $5,000

Grenoble, France:  Universite Grenoble - Alpes
Hyderabad, India:  University of Hyderabad
Meknes, Morocco:  ISA Meknes Study Center
Prague, Czech Republic:  Anglo-American University
Washington D.C., USA:  American Studies Program

Tier 7:  SPU Tuition + $6,000

Amman, Jordan:  Middle East Studies Program
Belfast, Ireland: Northern Ireland Spring Semester
Brisbane, Australia:  Australia Studies Centre
Los Angeles, CA  USA:  Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Tier 8:  SPU Tuition + $7,000

Buenos Aires, Argentina:  University of Belgrano
Florence, Italy:  Florence University of the Arts
Madrid, Spain:  Universidad Antonio de Nebrija

Tier 9:  SPU Tuition + $8,000

Athens, Greece:  The American College of Greece
Berlin, Germany:  Freie Universität Berlin

Tier 10:  SPU Tuition + $9,000

Oxford, England:  England Scholars' Semester
Paris, France:  Institut Catholique de Paris

Costs to Consider

  • SPU $50 application fee and $300 administrative fee will be charged for all Partner Programs during the application process.
  • Individual program application fees and confirmation or housing deposits (if applicable.)
  • SPU Partner Programs are priced to include regular SPU full-time tuition plus the applicable "tier" fee.
    • Fall Programs:  Students will be billed for one quarter of tuition + 1 tier fee and are eligible to receive one quarter of financial aid.
    • Spring Programs:  Students will be billed for one quarter of tuition + 1 tier fee and are eligible to receive one quarter of SPU aid and two quarters of state and federal aid.
    • Year-long Programs:  Students will be billed for 3 quarters of tuition + 2 tier fees and are eligible to receive aid for the full year.
  • Housing and meal costs are dependent on each individual program and may or may not be included in the tuition and tier fee. Please see individual program brochures for information on what is included in each program.
  • Passport and Visa (when applicable)
  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance (optional)
  • In-country expenses: Entertainment, personal travel, and souvenirs.

How it Works

  1. Browse program options and meet with a study abroad advisor.
  2. Start the SPU application by clicking "Apply Now" on the program brochure. Follow instructions in the application.
  3. Once approved, you will apply to the individual program you've chosen. The program will notify you of your acceptance.
  4. You will be billed through SPU on the regular billing cycle of the term you'll be studying away.

Additional Information

  • Participants are billed SPU charges for their study abroad program, not the fees advertised in third party brochures or websites. Partner Programs are placed into one of ten tiers. Programs are placed into tiers by considering the amenities included in the program, the overall cost of those amenities, the cost of living in the host country, and the overall cost of the program to the university.
  • Please note that in many cases, programs only include tuition expenses. Therefore, any other expenses related to participation in the program (housing, meals, orientation activities, excursions, etc.) are the responsibility of the student and will be paid directly to the host organization.
  • Students will earn transfer credit (except for Best Semester Programs which award SPU credit) upon completion of their program.
Please contact SPU Study Abroad with any questions or meet with a study abroad advisor.