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SPU Partner Programs are priced to include regular full-time tuition and a study abroad program fee. Participants are billed SPU charges for their study abroad program, not the fees indicated in study abroad program literature or third party web sites. Students attending Partner Programs are eligible to access SPU institutional aid, 

Partner Programs are placed into one of ten tiers. Programs are placed into tiers by considering the amenities included in the program, the overall cost of those amenities, the cost of living in the host country, and the overall cost of the program to the university. Please note that in many cases, programs only include tuition expenses. Therefore, any other expenses related to participation in the program (housing, meals, orientation activities, excursions, etc.) are the responsibility of the student.
  • Tuition: For fall semester, students will be charged one quarter of tuition + 1 tier fee and for spring semester, one quarter of tuition + 1 tier fee (winter and spring quarters combined.) 
  • Financial Aid: Students are eligible to use one quarter of SPU, state and federal aid for Fall semester programs or one quarter of SPU aid and two quarters state and federal aid for Spring semester programs.
  • Accommodation and meals: Please see individual program listings for detailed information on whether room & board is included. In many cases, it is not included and students will pay the cost of accommodation and meals directly to the host program.
  • Administrative Fees: A $50 application fee and $300 administrative fee will be due as part of your SPU application and considered your commitment to the program. As SPU has a capacity of 50 students every year for Partner Programs, the administrative fee would be refunded if your application was submitted after we reached capacity. 
Use this page to understand the costs associated with SPU Partner Programs. Please contact SPU Study Abroad with any questions.

SPU Partner Program Cost  2017-2018



Additional Fees
 1  SPU Tuition     

A $50 application fee and $300 administrative fee will be charged
during the application process.   
   Housing and meal costs are dependent on each individual program and may   
or may not be included in the tuition and tier fee.    
   Please see individual partner program brochures for information on
what is included in each program.

2       SPU Tuition + $1,000      
3 SPU Tuition + $2,000
4 SPU Tuition + $3,000
5 SPU Tuition + $4,000
6 SPU Tuition + $5,000
7 SPU Tuition + $6,000
8 SPU Tuition + $7,000
9 SPU Tuition + $8,000
10 SPU Tuition + $9,000

*The fees listed above are for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. Fees for the 2018-19 year are subject to change 

Additional costs to consider
  • Provider application fees and deposits (if applicable)
  • Passport
  • Airfare
  • Visa or residency permit (when applicable)
  • Domestic travel to apply for visa (when applicable)
  • Travel insurance (optional)
  • Generally, students spend more money while they are abroad than during a typical quarter at SPU. These costs vary per student, and are usually associated with extra in-country and personal travel, eating out, entertainment, and purchasing gifts and souvenirs. If you would like more information about general costs of the items mentioned above and/or general affordability of study abroad, please contact us at