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Program Types


Students can choose from hundreds of study abroad programs in almost every region of the world, ranging from a few weeks to a full academic year. The type of program, cost, number of credits, and length can vary significantly, so it is important to explore. Here are the three program categories available to students:

SPU Faculty-Led Programs:

Faculty-led programs are short term programs that are directed by SPU faculty and administered through the study abroad office. Students travel with SPU faculty and students and take SPU courses abroad. Courses taken abroad will count toward SPU GPA and academic honors. Financial aid can include all forms of SPU, federal, and state aid. Program fees are paid to SPU. Programs abroad include summer sessions, Global Seminars (short 2-3 week programs prior to autumn or winter quarters), and quarter-long programs              

SPU Partner-Programs:

Effective Fall 2017, Seattle Pacific University will implement a new program model for Study Abroad. It’s purpose is to enable a greater number of undergraduate students to access their SPU institutional scholarships and grants among a greater variety of study abroad opportunities. This new model will allow 50 students every year to choose from 40 semester-length programs that are eligible for all institutional aid. These programs are in partnership with affiliated organizations or host universities that have been vetted for their academic and student support, and have been in long standing partnerships with Seattle Pacific University.

Non-SPU Programs:

The study abroad office can help students find programs in every region of the world. Students may choose to participate in programs through third-party providers or enroll directly at a foreign university. Courses taken abroad will be transferred towards the SPU degree and will count towards the overall GPA, provided students receive regular passing grades (no pass/fail). Students pay tuition and program fees directly to the third-party provider or host institution, and may use their state and federal financial aid (except work study), but do not receive SPU financial aid or merit scholarships during their period abroad. Credits will be transferred from an accredited U.S. institution or directly from the foreign university. The third-party providers listed in our program search have been carefully screened and chosen by the SPU Study Abroad Office for their quality, reputability and price. If you would like to attend a program that is not listed, please inquire with the study abroad office to ensure the program is accredited and the credits will be transferable.

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