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Financial Aid

Good news! Your financial aid will apply to most study abroad programs. For the two categories of programs, here's how financial aid generally applies:

SPU Programs (Faculty-Led, Partner Programs & BestSemester):

Student costs for these programs are paid to SPU. Financial aid for these programs includes federal and state aid (except work study), as well as some SPU institutional aid (see specific programs for details). For SPU faculty-led programs and Global Seminars, a $300 study abroad administrative fee is already included in the program cost. For Partner and BestSemester programs a $300 fee will be charged to your student account.

Non-SPU Programs (Third-Party Providers, Direct Enrollment):

Students pay the provider or foreign institution for all tuition and program fees. Students may use their federal and state financial aid (except work study), but do not receive any SPU financial aid or merit scholarships during their period abroad. A $300 study abroad administrative fee will be charged to your SPU account once you are registered for a study abroad program.

Your financial aid is normally applied to your study abroad program, but it is very important for you to check with Student Financial Services before applying to any program to determine eligibility or to increase the amount of loans you already receive.

For questions concerning your Financial Aid amount, the SPU Student Financial Services office can be reached at 206.281.2061 or you can stop by their office in Demaray Hall 10. For non-SPU students, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at your home school. In some cases, not all Financial Aid will transfer, so please be sure to double check.