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Withdrawal Policy

Once you have been accepted to a study abroad program and make your initial deposit, we consider you to be committed to the program and will begin to make travel arrangements on your behalf. If you must withdraw from your study abroad program, please carefully read the information contained in the program-specific link below and complete the necessary steps for withdrawal. The withdrawal date is considered the date (business day) your withdrawal notification is received by SPU Study Abroad.

  • It's important to consider that withdrawing from a study abroad program may have financial consequences and that you will be held to the terms and conditions of all contracts and documents signed.
  • In all cases the $50 application fee and $300 deposit are non-refundable.
  • As withdrawal consequences are dependent on your particular program and withdrawal date, please carefully read the terms of participation & withdrawal policy for your particular type of study abroad option.

To read the full program withdrawal policies, please click on the links below:

Withdrawal Policy for SPU Programs

Withdrawal Policy for Non-SPU Programs

Petition for Emergency Withdrawal

If you cannot participate in a SPU faculty-led program due to physical and/or mental debilitation, death or serious illness in the immediate family, severe financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances beyond your control before or while participating on a SPU study abroad program you can submit a Petition for Emergency Withdrawal. If granted, the emergency withdrawal may allow for full or partial relief from your financial obligations to the program.

Emergency Withdrawal Petition Form.pdf