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Transitioning to life back in the USA

For many students, coming home after their study abroad experience can be as much of an adjustment as entering a new culture for the first time. Just like culture shock, this is a normal feeling and you should readjust after a few months back home. We hope to provide you with some tips to make your reentry smoother and open your eyes to opportunities here on campus.

You may be experiencing reverse culture shock. This is something that many people do not think about when returning home. After all, you are returning to a culture that you are familiar with, why would you have any difficulty? Most students, however, have had life changing experiences while abroad, seen and experienced things that they never even considered before, and met people with very different life views.

Take a look at some of the events and opportunities that the Study Abroad Office organizes for returning students. All of us in the office have had to transition to life back in the U.S. at one time or another and we know that it can be a challenge. Consequently, we have worked over the years to provide a variety of opportunities for returned students. 

Our biggest event of the year for returning students is the Lessons From Abroad ConferenceYou'll have the opportunity to spend a day with students from all over the State of Washington to reflect on your time abroad, learn how to write a resumé and talk about your international experience in a job interview.

Don’t forget that there are loads of cultural opportunities for students at home. You can join a new club or take a class that pertains to your experience. Some students have even started their own organizations after study abroad. Volunteering is another way to stay connected to your international experience and explore new interests, while giving back to the community.

For many students, their study abroad experience instilled in them a desire for more. Whether you have a couple more quarters until graduation or have already graduated, there are many options for you to go abroad again. Contact the Study Abroad Office or the Center for Career and Calling to learn about future opportunities.