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Your son or daughter is embarking on an incredible journey rich in personal, professional and academic rewards that will last a lifetime. We know how hard this may be for you as you send your student to live in a culture you may not have experienced yourself. Your reservations are quite normal and to be expected. Your child’s upcoming adventure is something new and different from what he or she has ever experienced before. We have designed the resources on our website to help you and your student understand the step-by-step process of study abroad. Our site includes useful information about the process, finances, program search, and even steps to take after they return from their experience abroad.

SPU Study Abroad believes that each student is ultimately responsible for his or her experience abroad. This encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including meeting deadlines, advance preparation, personal safety, and being a responsible representative of Seattle Pacific University and the United States. We are here, however, to help guide your son or daughter through the process. Your support throughout the entire process is extremely important, as well.

SPU staff are here to help you and your student navigate their journey abroad. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.

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